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Boston’s Favorite Burritos & Mexican Street Food

Welcome to Anna's, Boston's most beloved taqueria since 1995 . We're locally owned and operated with six locations  scattered across the city and surrounding neighborhoods. At Anna’s, we keep it simple: fresh ingredients, authentic recipes and expert assembly go into each of our burritos, tacos, quesadillas and Mexican plates. Our regular customers tend to be fanatical and it only takes a visit or two for people to jump on board. We prepare your food when you order it, right in front of you. You choose your fillings and toppings, chatting with the folks on the line about your selections. There's something for everyone at Anna's. Check out any… or all… of our locations. You won't find better Mexican street food at a more reasonable price anywhere in the Boston area.


  • Grilled Veggie Burrito
  • Feshly Made Beverages
  • Chips, Salsa & Guacamole
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  • home_photo-2_breakfast_taco.png
  • chopped fresh vegetables
  • steak with salsa roja
  • burrito assembly line
  • mexican coca-cola
  • home_photo-1_quesadilla.png
  • mexican plate



rollin-for-a-cause.png Each month, we invite a local non-profit/charity to flex their burrito-rolling muscles for one night to raise money in support of their cause!



We will be observing the following hours for Thanksgiving:

Wednesday, November 25- Beacon Hill/MGH closes at 9pm. MIT closes at 10pm. All other stores keep regular hours.

Thursday, November 26- All Stores Closed

Friday, November 27- MIT closed. All other stores keep regular hours.

Saturday, November 28- MIT open at 10am. All other stores keep regular hours.