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Glossary of Ingredients

We get questions all the time about our menu. People want to know what different items are, or how spicy certain choices are. If you don't know what something is, don’t ever hesitate to ask for a sample when you're ordering.

spicy-1.png = mildly spicy

spicy-2.png = medium spicy

spicy-3.png = very spicy




Boiled Chicken – boneless white chicken meat, lightly seasoned  

Grilled Chicken – marinated and grilled boneless chicken  

Chicken Ranchero spicy-2.png  – boneless chicken slow-cooked with onions, tomatoes and a variety of hot peppers  

Carnitas – roast pork with traditional Mexican-style seasoning

Chile Verde spicy-3.png – braised pork roasted with a variety of hot peppers 

Steak – grilled steak, lightly seasoned

Steak en Salsa Roja spicy-2.png – grilled steak in spicy red pepper sauce  

Lengua – slow-cooked beef tongue 

Al Pastor – marinated pork cooked on a rotisserie with pineapple and red onion

Tacos Al Pastor spicy-1.png – corn tortilla topped with shaved rotisserie-cooked pork, pineapple, red onion & cilantro and drizzled with spicy guacamole & Mexican red sauce

Grilled Vegetables – your choice of lightly seasoned onions, broccoli, corn, zucchini, squash, eggplant, red onions, sweet potatoes and seasonally available vegetables like Brussels sprouts

Beans – your choice of black, pinto or refried beans (you can also mix-and-match!)

Rice – your choice of Mexican rice or vegetarian rice cooked without chicken broth

Hot Sauce spicy-2.png – combination of hot peppers with onions, garlic and a touch of cilantro

Jalapenos spicy-1.png – pickled jalapeno peppers

Habanero Sauce spicy-3.png  – habanero peppers with onions and Mexican-style spices  

Guacamolio spicy-1.png – spicy green sauce made with avocados and hot peppers 

Rojolio spicy-2.png – red sauce made with hot peppers 

Salsa Ardiente spicy-3.png – a temperature hot, spicy green sauce made with hot peppers  

Guacamole – mashed avocados with onions, tomatoes and a little sour cream

Pico de Gallo – fresh tomatoes, onions and lots of cilantro

Chip Salsa spicy-2.png – fresh tomatoes, onions, lots of cilantro and a variety of hot peppers




Horchata –  traditional Mexican drink made fresh daily from ground almonds, rice milk and cinnamon 

Jamaica – traditional Mexican drink made fresh daily from brewed hibiscus petals; often called a Mexican fruit punch

Mexican Coke – bottles of Coke imported from Mexico that are made with real cane sugar instead of corn syrup

Jarritos – bottled Mexican soda available in a variety of flavors including apple, fruit punch, grapefruit, guava, lime, orange, and tamarind

Jumex – canned Mexican juices available in a variety of flavors including apple, apricot, guava, mango, pear, strawberry/banana, and tamarind

*Lemonade – fresh squeezed daily, lightly sweetened

*Orange Juice – fresh squeezed daily

*Agua Fresca – freshly squeezed watermelon juice

Soda Fountain – Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Barq's Root Beer, soda water

Iced Tea – made fresh daily

Bottle Water – Poland Spring

*Warning:  This product has not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.