Students Love Us: Boston’s Best Eateries

Boston University’s student newspaper website, places Anna’s Taqueria among Boston’s “Best Mexican Eateries.”

That’s One Massive Burrito!

The Boston Herald, Sunday Edition features Anna’s Cubio burrito (4 lb, 30 in) in their roundup of the healthiest vs. most glutinous foods in Boston.

Success for another Charity Roller Event

Boston Business Journal includes an event photo and caption from the successful charity roller night at Anna’s, which benefited Hearth Shares, a non-profit which helps the homeless population of Boston.

Anna’s Taqueria hosts Hearth Shares for November Charity Roller Event

Boston City Paper shares a group photo and caption of diners attending Anna’s Hearth Shares charity roller event on 10/27.

More love for Anna’s Charity Roller Series

The Wellesley Townsman recaps Anna’s Taqueria’s recent Hearth Shares charity roller event in the “Business Notebook.”

Somerville Resident Attends Anna’s Taqueria Charity Roller Event to Benefit Hearth Shares (The Somerville News Weekly)

Somerville Resident Attends Anna’s Charity Roller for Hearth Shares

The Somerville News Weekly posts a photo of a Somerville resident and friends at recent charity roller.

Awesome Restaurants to Take Your Family Over Parent’s Weekend

Her Campus, Emerson College Edition, logs Anna’s as a student-friendly, “Boston dining institution.”

Boston’s 10 Most Creative Jeans-Appropriate Restaurants

Anna’s is in good company as names us among 10 best Boston restaurants to pig out, without dressing up!

Best Takeout Options in Cambridge

Zagat Boston lists Anna’s Porter Square location among the best places to grab bites to go in Cambridge!