Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Scout Cambridge shares a photo of Harvard’s Coach Katey Stone and Asst Coach Laura Crowell at Anna’s during the charity roller event in January.

Anna’s raises money for Young Women in Sport

The Hingham Journal carries the news of Anna’s January charity roller with Katey Stone at Porter Square to benefit Young Women in Sport.

The Globe is in on it

The Boston Globe West brings the good news of Anna’s expansion into Newton to fans out West.

A Trip Well Worth It

Local foodie and blogger, Kerri Urban, visits Anna’s MGH location and dedicates an entire review to it on Urban Foodie Finds.

Paperblog love for Anna’s

Paperblog picks up Kerri’s review and shares it with fans for all to see.

Rolling Away for Young Women in Sport

The Boston Herald features Harvard’s Katey Stone as January’s guest charity-roller to benefit Young Women in Sport.

Take Out, Tacos & Football: Perfect!

For those planning an epic Super Bowl Party, Eater Boston reminds them of Anna’s large orders to go options.

Tacos, Burritos and the Super Bowl

Did you know Anna’s does large orders to go? Boston Common online reminds fans of the great options for the Ultimate Super Bowl

Anna’s is Expanding to Newton Highlands

Boston City and Press picks up the good news of an Anna’s coming to Newton Highlands.

The Eaters Have It

Eater Boston gets excited with the rest of Anna’s fans for the potential new location!