Red Sox Pitcher Launches Breslow Burrito with Anna’s Taqueria to Benefit Strike 3 Foundation (The Somerville News Weekly)

The Breslow Burrito is Here for Charity

Somerville News Weekly shares news of the Breslow Burrito at Anna’s, from which the money raised will benefit childhood cancer research.

Get your fill of crunchy Breslow Burrito fast, for sake of charity and your taste buds (Cambridge Day)

Anna’s featuring a Breslow Burrito in partnership with Red Sox Craig Breslow shares the news of Anna’s new May-only burrito, the Breslow Burrito, with proceeds going to Craig Breslow’s Strike 3 Foundation.

Cinco de Mayo in Boston

Haute Living recommends Anna’s for great Cinco de Mayo tacos in Boston.

Spotted on the Inside Track!

The Boston Herald’s Inside Track spotted Anna’s owner, Mike Kamio, at the Sip Happens Fundraiser with Red Sox Pitcher, Craig Breslow.

Anna’s Supports Strike 3 Foundation Fundraiser

The Boston Herald includes Anna’s among the food enjoyed at the Sip Happens Event on April 30, 2015.

The Breslow Burrito Debuts

Eat.Drink.Lucky’s daily e-newsletter shares the debut of the Breslow Burrito.

Places to Eat on Marathon Monday

Zagat Boston includes Anna’s Taqueria on Beacon Street in Brookline in their Guide of 17 Places to Eat and Drink on Marathon Monday.

2015 Top 10 Value Restaurants in Boston Area includes Anna’s Taqueria in their list of the 10 best value restaurants in Boston in 2015!